Hydro, Solar & Wind Generation 
Energy Storage & EV Charging 

Inner Viking is delighted to be partnering with a number of innovative flow, solar and wind generating manufacturers to solve businesses route to zero challenges.

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BYD Battery Storage

Convenient 1.3mw battery storage in a 40 ft container. Smaller sizes are available.

UK Distributor Project Better Energy

Pricing on request dependent on size of project

ClearVue PV

Power Generating Windows.

European Distributor Wingardium Energy.

Pricing on request dependent on size of project


Carbon Reduction, audits to prepare business's for 2050

£500 + Expenses +VAT per day. 50% saving if a product partner is purchased.


Slow moving water generator with optional flood protection and optional clean water production. Available from Q1 2022

Price 500W £5,000 or 1000W £10,000

EQA Energy   

Plug and play fish safe hydro power. Hydro generators for existing weirs and water courses.   European Distributor Wingardium Energy.

Price dependent on dimensions of weir

Kohilo Cyclone and Vortex Wind Turbines

Urban installable VAWTs from 1kw to3mw. for grid tied and off grid solutions. European distributor Wingardium Energy.

Pricing dependent on size of project

New World Wind Arbre à Vent

Combining high technology with smart design, micro wind turbines with solar petals a Wind Tree will add value to all situations.

Prices from 19,500€ to 54,500€ ex works

Project EV Vehicle Charging Points

Electric vehicle charging points from 7.5kw to 22kw with no earth spike. Other sizes available.

Part of Project Better Energy

Price £399 to £1,296.00 plus installation

Project Solar

Solar panel installations that can be grid tied or connected to battery storage and EV charging systems.

Part of Project Better Energy

Pricing dependent on size of project

Wingardium Energy Commercial Lighting

Wind and solar powered with a self contained system. No need to run wiring. Equiped with LED lighting.

Pricing dependent on size of project

Wingardium Energy Vortex Hive

A hybrid solution featuring solar paneling and Kohlio Vortex wind turbines. Perfect to harness sun and wind power.

Pricing dependent on size of project

1.3 to 8mw Cyclone Wind Turbine with Electric and Hydrogen Refuelling Station
The Cyclone series are made to measure vertical axis turbines that stores the energy hydraulically. It can also convert the energy into hydrogen at the same site. With a much smaller footprint than a 3 bladed HAWT there are a number of advantages to the Cyclone.

Pricing dependent on size of project

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