Making Your Contribution

Do you know how much electricity you and your employer use everyday? How much more will you be using in 2050? Will it be generated from a sustainable source? Should you be relying on  the National Grid now and in the future or should you you be contributing to generating your own power?

Scroll down to view a map of what Europe might be if global warming is not reduced and watch the videos that hopefully will change your attitude.

Thanks to Forbes Magazine for the article and to Eaton and and Eon for teh videos via YouTube.

The Shocking Doomsday Maps of Gordon-Michael Scallion

An article from 2017 by Jim Dobson, Senior Contributor for Forbes Magazine, considers the maps of Gordon-Michael Scallion, a 1980's futurist, teacher of consciousness studies and metaphysics. Click on the image to view the complete article.