Thinking Outside the Box

Since it's inception Inner Viking has been investigating ways that consumers can generate their own electrical power, creating multiple grids and reducing the reliance on the National Grid. This journey started with the personal installation of solar panels connected to a battery storage unit and a change of electricity provider. With the Feed in Tariff replaced by the  Smart Export Guarantee selling power to a supplier is much easier but appears to be predominately geared towards
solar power. Hopefully more customers will install wind and hydro generators in the future so that the reliance on solar is reduced.


Inspired by Robert Murray-Smith's open source cuboctohedron design (left) and using an existing Chinese lantern vertical axis wind turbine as a base product Inner Viking is currently working on a VAWT that is low cost but has high output. Prototype One is currently being manufactured and testing should start in quarter one of 2021. If successful it is hoped to have the product for sale, on a made to order basis, in time for the COP 26 Conference in Glasgow starting on the 1st November.

Inner Viking prides itself on the highest standards and is a current member of a number of trade bodies. It's executive director is a graded member of the following professional member organisations

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